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Check if a shared link was opened in FileCloud

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Check if a shared link was opened in FileCloud


Question/Issue Description:


Is their a way to search and see if a link emailed was in fact opened in FileCloud ?



Environment Details:

  • Product - FileCloud
  • Version - ALL
  • Platform - ALL
  • Application - Server and Online

Error/Log Message:





Steps to Reproduce:


- Create private or public share of a file or folder





Please note you can browse Audit records to retrieve events on files and folders, please navigate to Admin Portal > Audit then set Operation Filter : ALL 


You can filter by username, share or file name to easily find out if files or folder was accessed.


Also please find below more details on how to view, filter and export FileCloud Audit logs:


View Audit Logs - FileCloud Docs - Online


Filter Audit Log Views - FileCloud Docs - Online






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