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FileCloud Drive out of space

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Drive must set a size for the virtual drive. If the quota for the user is set to 0 (unlimited), then 15GB is used as default.


If you want to upload larger files you have to adjust the size of the virtual drive.

Please choose one of these two solutions:

1a) set Drive size in local config file 

Edit the file C:\program files (x86)\FileCloud Drive\service\config.xml in your PC and you will be able to find a similar configuration value in the file.


Please set this to a higher value of 100GB as an example or a value as per your requirement.


Then please make sure you have removed the comment out for this configuration by removing "<!--" and  "-->" from before and after the configuration parameter. Once the changes are saved please restart the FileCloud Drive.

1b) set Drive size in central device managmeent 

This parameter can also be set in the central device management, example:

2) change user quota 

If the quota for the user is not 0 (unlimited), then this value is used as the size for the virtual drive -> set a high quota instead of unlimited.

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