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Share name has random characters

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Original Question/Issue:


When a sub-folder is shared, it replaces its name with generic letters. How can this be resolved?



  • Product - Any
  • Version - Any
  • Platform - Any
  • Application - Any

Steps to Reproduce:


Share a file or folder publicly.  Browse to that link within the web browser.


Error/Log Message:




When sharing a file or folder publicly, it will change the name to random generic characters unless specified not to.




One of two ways to resolve this

  • One, delete the share and re-share the file or folder.  When doing so, ensure the "share name" is a friendly name, and not random characters.
  • Two, as an admin navigate too:
    • Manage > User Share.  Search for the share name or random characters.  On the right side, click edit, and within that window, you will find the share name, which you can change.



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