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Solr search not working

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The Search functionality is not working anymore or Solr indexing has stopped.


Question/Issue Description:


How i can resume indexing of files and recover back advanced search functionalities that were previously working on my FileCloud system ?



Environment Details:

  • Product - FileCloud Server
  • Version - 23.232
  • Platform - Windows
  • Application - Solr Content Search

Error/Log Message:


No results for "filename"..


Steps to Reproduce:


- Can't search for files anymore through User and Admin web interfaces

- Indexing of files has stopped

- Solr service is running

- OpenJDK 11.0.2 installed and configured




1) Stop the Solr service (Content Search) from FileCloud Control Panel


2) Kill (if exists) any Java processes from the windows process list


3) Move the folder "fccore" outside of Solr directory "C:\xampp\solr\server\solr" 


4) Start the Solr service (Content Search) from FileCloud Control Panel


5) Go to Admin Portal > Settings > Content Search > Click on Configure


6) Index / Re-index Managed Storage and Network Shares


     a) Admin Portal > Settings > Content Search


     b) Admin Portal > Network Share > Edit Network Folder




If you have more than 50K files please also increase the heap memory size to 2 or 3 GB:  SOLR Config Tips - FileCloud Docs - Server


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