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Unload core from SOLR admin UI through tunneling (Filecloud Linux)

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For Filecloud Server Linux, we can access the SOLR admin dashboard through tunneling. In the case, it was configured previously or getting the below error when configuring.


Question/Issue Description:


  "When I look at the solr config status it says "Solr not configured." however if I try to configure it I get an error popup stating "Core with name 'fccore' already exists."


Environment Details:

  • Product - Filecloud Server
  • Version - 22.x or 23.x
  • Platform - 
  • Application - 

Error/Log Message:


   Core with name 'fccorealready exists.”


Steps to Reproduce:



  1.  Open the session in putty, change the tunnel settings and login 

  2. Browse SOLR admin page with
  3. Click on Core admin, then click on Unload, you can use the screenshot for reference.
  4. Try to configure again with Filecloud admin UI 



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