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Groups are missing from the list when creating private shares

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  • Summary:


    Existing groups are missing from the list of groups when adding groups in a private share. This can occur if the Group Visibility setting from the Misc tab has been explicitly set to Show Groups User belongs to. This setting restricts user from being able to add groups to a share if they are not a member of.


  • Question/Issue Description:


When users try to add existing groups to a private share, the group appears to be missing. In some instances, only the EVERYONE group exists in the list of groups.




Environment Details:

  • Product - Any
  • Version - Any 
  • Platform - Any

Error/Log Message: 


No error message


Steps to Reproduce:






    1. Log in to the Admin Portal using an admin account that has access to Settings.
    2. Go to Settings >> Misc  >> User tab.
    3. Locate the Group Visibility setting. 
    4. Set the value to Show All Groups and click Save.






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