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Managed Storage Migration

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Summary: You want to change your Managed Storage location.


Question/Issue Description:


Please proceed as follows to change the Managed Storage location:

  1. Change the location in FileCloud Admin Portal -> Settings -> Storage -> My Files -> Storage Path
  2. Stop all FileCloud services to prevent user access and background processing while copying the files.
  3. Copy all files from your current location to the new location.
    Please make sure that all FileCloud services have full access to the new managed storage location.
    A check whether both the source and target directories are the same can be made with operating systems commands like Robocopy, but this depends on your operating system and storage.
  4. Start all FileCloud services.
  5. Test whether you can access the files:
    - Download a existing file.
    - Upload a new file and redownload it.

The move of the Managed Storage requires a downtime.
This can be minimized if the data has already been copied in advance and only the differences are synced in step 3. 



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