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Sharing files - S3 Network Share with prefix - Not working

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When sharing files on FileCloud UI from S3 bucket configured as Network Share with prefix an error arise


Question/Issue Description:


Whenever user A tries to share files to user B from S3 Network Share configured with prefix, user B get an error and will not be able to see the files.


Environment Details:

  • Product - FileCloud Server
  • Version - 23.232.1 
  • Platform - Linux
  • Application - Network Share

Error/Log Message:


Failed to retrieve files list



Steps to Reproduce:


- Configure Network Share on top of S3 bucket that uses prefix in configuration

- From FileCloud Admin Portal provide access to the Network Share to user A

- From FileCloud User Interface user A share a file from the S3 Network Folder to user B

- From FileCloud User Interface user B is not able to see the files.






Upload attached file to your FileCloud server under /tmp 

cd /var/www/html/src/Core/Subsystem/External/

cp ExternalS3FolderImpl.php ExternalS3FolderImpl.php-backup

cp /tmp/ExternalS3FolderImpl.php /var/www/html/src/Core/Subsystem/External/

Ubuntu: chown www-data:www-data /var/www/html/src/Core/Subsystem/External/ExternalS3FolderImpl.php

Redhat: chown apache:apache /var/www/html/src/Core/Subsystem/External/ExternalS3FolderImpl.php



Notes: Fix will be available in next FileCloud release 23.241 (CL-14515)


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