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Notice: Microsoft Office Document Editing Issue via Web Browser - SERVICE RESTORED

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We are actively working with Microsoft on an issue impacting some users with viewing and editing Microsoft Office Documents (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, OneNote) via FileCloud over a web browser.



1.     Opening Microsoft Office documents via Office Online

Attempting to open a Microsoft Office document via “Office Online” in FileCloud from within a web browser will result in the following Microsoft-generated error.





2.     Viewing and editing Office documents via a web browser if your FileCloud instance is configured to use Microsoft OFFICE Online Cloud as a WOPI client fails. Attempting to open and view a Microsoft Office format document will result in the following error:





While we are actively working with Microsoft to resolve the issue, the following temporary workaround is available for impacted customers.


1.     To restore online preview capabilities, use the admin portal to disable Microsoft Office Online. This can be completed from the FileCloud admin portal by navigating to Settings > Web Edit and unchecking WOPI Preview




2.     As native browser editing from directly within the browser via Microsoft Office Online integration is currently not working, the following options are available for editing documents

a.     Use the FileCloud quick edit feature by opening the file on your local client machine. This will require the local installation of the relevant MS Office application and the FileCloud Desktop Edit add-in.


After opening a file in preview via a web browser, click ‘Open With’ and then select ‘Desktop.’


FileCloud Desktop Edit for Windows

FileCloud Desktop Edit for Mac


b.     Use FileCloud Drive to synchronize and make your Microsoft Office documents available on your client machine, which will allow access and opening of files locally


FileCloud Drive for Windows

FileCloud Drive for Mac

FileCloud Sync for Windows

FileCloud Sync for Mac


c.      Use Google Apps to edit MS Office documents online. This will rely on your separate login to the Google app suite and create a copy of the revised document within your Google ecosystem. Changes will be automatically synced back to FileCloud when the document is opened and edited.


After opening a file in preview via a web browser, click ‘Open With’ and then select ‘Google xyz.’




Some complex formatting may not be preserved when edited via this method.



This issue is still active and currently being worked on. We will provide further updates as soon as they are available.



All Services related to natively viewing and editing Microsoft office documents via a Web browser through Microsoft Office Online cloud Integration has been restored

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