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Unable to set Server URL in the Admin Portal

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Unable to set Server URL due to URL cannot be resolved on the Filecloud server, or the SSL certificate verification fails.


Question/Issue Description:


  "When I enter the https://... server URL into the Admin Settings, when I click "Check URL" it tells me "Server URL is invalid."


Environment Details:

  • Product - Filecloud Server
  • Version - 22.x or 23.x
  • Platform - 
  • Application - 

Error/Log Message:


"Server URL is invalid."




Steps to Reproduce:




1. Download zip file from the below URL and unzip

2. Create a new folder named "misc" under /var/www/html/resources/tools

3. Place the unzipped file settingutil.php under /var/www/html/resources/tools/misc

4. Run the below commands to set the Server URL.

    cd /var/www/html/resources/tools/misc
    php settingutil.php --set=TONIDOCLOUD_SERVER_URL --value="https://yourserverurl.tld"
Note: Replace https://yourserverurl.tld above with your valid URL.
5. Now please check the admin portal and see if the URL is set.




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