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Adding Network Folder Failure (LAN Networks are disabled)

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Unable to add Network Folder due to required flag in the cloudconfig.php


Prior to creating new Network Folders or changing the mount paths on existing Network Folders, you must enable mounting network share paths. 


Question/Issue Description:


  "I am trying to change the path of an existing LAN share and I'm getting an error."


Environment Details:

  • Product - Filecloud Server
  • Version - 22.x or 23.x
  • Platform - 
  • Application - 

Error/Log Message:


Getting the below error message when adding a Network Folder:




Steps to Reproduce:



  1. Open cloudconfig.php.
    • Windows Location : C:\xampp\htdocs\config\cloudconfig.php
    • Linux Location : /var/www/html/config/cloudconfig.php
  2. Find the following command, or if it does not exist, create it:



  3. Change the value false to true.



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